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About the company

Exclusive cakes to order is a delicious celebration decoration.

Today, modern confectionery business - it’s not just taste amazing products, but also an unforgettable design, wide range, advanced technology, combined with the world’s best traditions.

Cakes and pastries, high quality and impeccable design are manufactured in the company’s best specialists

Natural and fresh ingredients - is the key to the company’s success in the market. We do not save on the quality of the product under any circumstances. Having achieved perfection in the taste of the product, we went on - and the cake has become an art for us. shape, design, color scheme, we aim to create a festive mood, romantic feelings and other emotional brink of holidays and special events.

Baking assortment is so wide and varied that everyone will find a suitable alternative. To date, there are over fifty confectionery products - from the classic, familiar from childhood names and flavors to the most modern in Europe.

On your taste, we have developed a lot of great toppings, from cheese and fruit to fine tiramisu and pistachio mousse, coffee and chocolate, with a variety of jelly and a souffle.

Cake - a traditional part and parcel of any holiday, whether it be a wedding celebration, birthday party, children’s parties, corporate parties. It is a cake made specially for a particular event, emphasize the mood of the festive day. Be sure that its shape and taste will delight even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of desserts!

Individual approach to each client, to the wishes of the shape, weight, design, individual components will melt and filling the key to bringing to perfection all your celebrations.

We understand that the quality of the cake made for you - the most important thing. The concept of quality, we include a neat job, natural ingredients, and reliable delivery of the cake, and thrills.

Considering how today gaining popularity of the fashion trends in Europe, we offer our customers also enjoy a bar Candy - a sweet addition to cakes. It is a buffet with a variety of pastries and desserts. An integral part of it, and cupcakes have macaroon tiramisu and cheesecakes, cake-pop and Tartu.

Sophistication holiday emphasize as chocolate fountain, sweet decoration only natural Belgian chocolate. Our selection of your small or large fountain, depending on the number of guests, as well as chocolate to choose from: black, white or milk. The rent includes service and chocolate fountain.

* Additional service: delivery of pre-ordered cake to the specified address in Lviv.

* Make a nice gift in the form of a cake with friends and family in Lviv you can out of your town! Call: +38 032 242 22 11. You order - we arrange a holiday!

* For a birthday discount - 10%!

* 20% discount for one month to the next set of custom cake or pastries, as well as the opportunity to participate in the drawing sweet gift.


1) Cakes to order:
● wedding Cakes;
● baby Cakes;
● birthday Cakes;
● cakes for christening;
● cakes koropratyvy.

2) Rent of chocolate fountains.
3) Individual development and design Candy bars (cupcake, macaron, Candy-pop, Tartu, cheesecake, tiramisu, etc.).